Alyssa Kurtis
Alyssa Kurtis


Alyssa Kurtis



Date of Birth

December 19th, 1993


Janelle Kurtis


Ben Talbot


Morgan Kurtis
Piper Kurtis

Alyssa Kurtis (December 19th, 1993) was born in Passion Point Florida to Ben Talbot and Janelle Kurtis.  She was the youngest of the Kurtis sisters, with Morgan Kurtis being the oldest, and Piper Kurtis being the middle child.  Alyssa was never that interested in witchcraft growing up, but was more interested in theater and dressing up.  Because of that she got into drama.  She did however like making love potions with her best friend, Amber Chancellor.  Though they never worked, they were still fun to work on.  Her oldest sister was a suspect during the Passion Point Psychopath Murders.  Alyssa joined the Carthenian Society when she turned 18, and started to college at FSU.  She started studying theater.  After graduating, Alyssa became an actress and married a stage hand.  The two had a daughter together, Cassie Kurtis.  She never told her daughter about Witchcraft, though she enjoyed it a lot herself.


Growing up, Alyssa got into theater, and loved dressing up.  Halloween was her favorite holiday.  She would put on several different costumes.  Even at home, she rarely wore normal clothes.  She and Amber Chancellor were best friends.  The two talked about everything together.  

High SchoolEdit

In High School, Alyssa did fairly well.  She never had many friends, but was okay with that.  She loved the idea of making love potions to get boys to fall for her.  Though none of them ever worked.  She took Drama all four years of High School, and performed in many plays.  She was one of the three Witches in MacBeth, she was Ophelia in Hamlet, she was Titania in Midsummer Night's Dream, and she was Rebecca Nurse in The Crucible.

Freshman Year % Grade
English 9 96% A
Algebra I 76% C
Earth Science 88% B+
World History I 85% B
Gym 98% A+
Drama 98% A+
Latin I 98% A+
Sophomore Year % Grade
English 10 94% A
Algebra II 72% C-
Biology 90% A-
World History II 82% B-
Gym 98% A+
Drama 98% A+
Latin II 98% A+
Junior Year % Grade
English 11 92% A-
Geometry 94% A
Chemistry 88% B+
US/FLA History 88% B+
Drama 98% A+
Latin III 98% A+
Keyboarding 98% A+
Senior Year % Grade
English 12 94% A
Pre-Calculus 72% C-
Anatomy 78% C+
Government 84% B
Drama 98% A+
Latin IV 98% A+
Public Speaking 98% A+

Passion Point Psychopath MurdersEdit

Alyssa had just started college when the Passion Point Psychopath murders began.  She had no idea how her family was connected, or why her sister was a suspect in the investigation.  Alyssa knew some of The Magic Man but not much.  Alyssa was relieved when she found out her sister wasn't the killer, though deep down she was always sure.

Later LifeEdit

After graduating college, Alyssa became an actress.  She met and fell in love with a stage hand, and the two had a daughter together -- Cassie Kurtis.  Alyssa moved to New York, but would often return to Passion Point to see her sisters.


"She and Morgan are great friends. And she's always baking us delicious cookies!" - on Cyan Lynn

"Some people associate it with satanism, but it dates back to Mesopotamia. According to Christianity, it's supposed to protect against demons." - on the Pentagram