Georgia Hagen
Georgia Hagen


Georgia Hagen





Date of Birth

January 2nd, 1988


Kara Hagen


Kristian Hagen

Georgia Hagen (January 2nd, 1988) was born in Ruby Springs Kansas to Kara Hagen and Kristian Hagen.  Growing up, Georgia was a lot closer to her mother than she was her father.  When she was 12 years old her mother was murdered by a gangster named Jay West.  Georgia locked herself in her room for a year after that.  She wouldn't talk to anyone.  She'd just go to school, come home, and do nothing.  It was around that time that her father started dating Daisy Addison.  Daisy was only 3 years older than her.  But the two connected pretty well.  Georgia opened up after that.  She attended Charles Robinson High School.  She's done some drugs, but she's mostly innocent.  She also worked at Club 969 on and off over the years for some extra cash.  Her father has always looked out for her.  During the Angels of Death murders, her dad was a suspect.  Something that made her rather sad.  After her father went to jail, she took over Hagen's Gym.  


Growing up Georgia was very close to her mother.  The two would hardly ever be seen apart.  Georgia was seen as the kind and innocent girl by most people in town despite what her father did.  Geogia never made any friends, but she was still happy.  When she was 12 years old, she was molested by Connor Chapman.  Though Kristian knew about what happened, he didn't make any attempts to kill Connor, knowing that he couldn't get away with it.

Mother's DeathEdit

Her mother was murdered in 2000.  After her death, Georgia locked herself in her bedorom for a year.  She'd only come out to eat, drink, or go to school.  She didn't talk to anyone until Daisy Addison came to the house.  The two quickly became friends, as Daisy became almost a surrogate mother for her.  

High SchoolEdit

Georgia did fairly well in High School, but was still quiet, shy, and reserved.  She was fairly popular.

Freshman Year % Grade
English 9 86% B
Algebra I 85% B
Biology 94% A
World History I 82% B-
Gym 92% A-
French I 86% B
Keyboarding 88% B+
Sophomore Year % Grade
English 10 85% B
Algebra II 82% B-
Chemistry 76% C
World History II 78% C+
Gym 90% A-
French II 84% B
Art I 85% B
Junior Year % Grade
English 11 83% B
Geometry 88% B+
Earth Science 88% B+
US/KS History 88% B+
French III 82% B-
Art II 84% B
Accounting 78% C+
Senior Year % Grade
English 12 80% B-
Pre-Calculus 68% D+
Physics 68% D+
Government 88% B+
French IV 80% B-
Art III 82% B-
Public Speaking 85% B

After SchoolEdit

After graduating, Georgia helped her father out at the gym.  She took to doing drugs with her surrogate mother Daisy from time to time, but tried to stay away from them.  SHe also worked at Club 969 occasionally to get some pocket money.  

Angels of Death MurdersEdit

During the Angel of Death murders, her father was a suspect.  She never believed that her father was the killer.  The investigators however dug up lot's of information about his businesses however.  Georgia tried being helpful to the investigators in hopes of clearing her dad.

Later LifeEdit

Georgia later would go on to run Hagen's Gym after her father was sent to prison.  She would never get married, but would help Daisy raise her little half-sisters.


"Hmm.. no. I can't say I have. But in this town, everything suspicious. Which means nothing is really out of place when something IS suspicious."