Piper Kurtis
Piper Kurtis


Piper Kurtis





Date of Birth

December 3rd, 1989


Janelle Kurtis


Ben Talbot


Morgan Kurtis
Alyssa Kurtis

Piper Kurtis (December 3rd, 1989) was born in Passion Point Florida to Ben Talbot and Janelle Kurtis.  Growing up, Piper was always interested in Witchcraft, but always more interested in the fun stuff that you could do with it.  Piper was always up for having fun.  When she turned 18 she became a Sorority Slut for Sorority Magazine.  In college she was a member of the Carthenian Society.  She went to school to become a beautician.  She was friends with Flower Montgomery who was also her boss at Aphrodite.  During the Passion Point Psychopath murders both her older sister and her boss were suspects.  Piper is a very flirty girl who likes to create love potions, and try to get men to do her bidding for her (though often it doesn't work). 


Growing up, Piper was always interested in Witchcraft and beauty.  The two fields would often mix together.  She didn't have many friends growing up, and was very close to both her older and younger sister.  She was very afraid of her mother, and grandmother.  

High SchoolEdit

Piper was fairly average in High School.  She was very attractive and popular.  Most guys wanted to go out with her, though none that she wanted to date.  Piper attended North Miami High School.  

Freshman Year % Grade
English 9 88% B+
Algebra I 75% C
Earth Science 82% B-
World History I 84% B
Gym 98% A+
Latin I 87% B
Art I 82% B-
Sophomore Year % Grade
English 10 88% B+
Algebra II 72% C-
Biology 94% A
World History II 82% B-
Gym 98% A+
Latin II 87% B
Art II 83% B
Junior Year % Grade
English 11 90% A-
Geometry 88% B+
Chemistry 92% A-
US/FLA History 86% B
Latin III 88% B+
Art III 84% B
Anatomy 94% A
Senior Year % Grade
English 12 88% B+
Pre-Calculus 72% C-
Government 84% B
Latin IV 88% B+
Art IV 84% B
Cosmetology 98% A+
Astrology 88% B+


Piper was accepted to FSU, where she studied beauty.  She spent two years in school, during which time she posed for Sorority Magazine.  She continued posing there, trying to earn extra money.  She was a very popular model.

Working at AphroditeEdit

After college, Piper began working at Aphrodite with her older sister, and Flower Montgomery.  She loved styling people's hair, and doing nails.  It was a job that she truly enjoyed, but never paid very well.  She'd often help out other Sorority Girls get into makeup.  Her dream was to become a famous makeup aritst, but that never worked out.

Passion Point Psychopath MurdersEdit

During the Passion Point Psychopath murders, Piper's older sister was a suspect.  Her family was involved with putting a curse on the Four Men with the Compass Tatoos.  Piper however knew nothing about that.  She was very relieved when her sister was cleared of all charges.

Later LifeEdit

Piper never marries, but does have two children -- Elizabeth Kurtis and Margaret Kurtis.  She continues working at Aphrodite, and studying witchcraft.


"And we don't miss." - on using guns

"Cy is awesome." - on Cyan Lynn

"I just figured, that if it was stored anywhere, the cove would be the best place for it. Secluded where almost nobody could find it." - On the Sealing Stone